What Our Users Say

  • I cannot say enough good things about this app. It is the perfect app for the modern parent who wants to quickly & easily share their children's special moments privately amongst selected family & friends. If you are a parent you need this app!
  • I don't normally write app reviews, but I've realised that this app consistently makes me smile. Seeing what [the kids] get up to on the daily basis has made all the difference in my busy life. Thank you 23 Snaps for creating an awesome app!
  • Ok I would say this is a MAJOR hit! How awesome that it tells you how old they are in the timeline, too! I think it's great!!!
  • This is without doubt the easiest and safest way to share updates on your little ones. The whole family are now hooked.

What Press Say

  • Despite what Facebook would have us all believe, social networking doesn’t have to be an open forum for sharing everything with everyone we’ve (n)ever met. 23snaps is a sweet, beautifully built app and will appeal to anyone averse to plastering their Facebook Wall with snaps of their newborns.
  • 23snaps is a beautiful and easy-to-use app. Working as an online baby book allowing mums and dads to share photos and videos with a select group of family and friends. All people who are connected get real time notifications when new content is added. Perfect when families are spread around the world to stay connected.
  • Upload pics to a select group - after you've had a play with a few different funky settings!
  • 23snaps has the added benefit that you won't be spamming your non-baby-interested friends on Facebook.
  • It's not a public experience so you're protecting your child's privacy.
  • Marvellous app for mums.

What Blogs Say

  • 23snaps is a sweet, family friendly new way of sharing and viewing your favorite photographs.
  • I LOVE this App and as with all the good ones, I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with it sooner.
    Deep in Mummy Matters
  • For mums and dads who’ve ever worried about posting baby photos on Facebook, free mobile app 23snaps is well worth a look.
  • The App is completely free, very user friendly and takes seconds for photos and videos to upload. It makes sharing your precious family moments extremely quick and simple, so why not give it a try now?
    All-in-One Mum

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