Our Story

23snaps is a private photo sharing app designed by parents, for parents. 23snaps gives you a completely safe and secure way to record the special moments in your child’s life and share them with your loved ones, wherever they may be in the world.

Where the idea came from

Our co-founder was inspired to build 23snaps when his wife was pregnant. Like many people nowadays, our families are spread far and wide, yet we wanted them to be a part of our children’s lives, to be able to share in every special moment and milestone, however far away they might live.

What we needed was a simple yet beautiful way to store and share photos, videos and updates, so that even our least techie family members would be able to access them easily. With a young family to think of, privacy was high on our list of priorities too; we only wanted to share our precious moments with our family and closest friends.

And so 23snaps was born.

Our mission

Our mission with 23snaps is to make it incredibly easy to create stunning digital journals to chronicle precious memories of your child’s life, allow families to feel closer to each other as they share the experience of watching a child grow and create truly secure and private ways to share photos and videos with the people you love.

We’re incredibly proud of how 23snaps has grown already, creating smiles and bringing families from all over the world closer together. Best of all, we can use 23snaps ourselves to capture wonderful memories of our children - memories we can share with those closest to us.

Why 23snaps?

Snaps is the casual English word for photographs, while the number 23 was inspired by the number of pairs of chromosomes that make up a human’s genetic code. Just like it takes more than one gene to make a baby, it takes more than one photograph to tell the whole story of that baby’s life. Put those ideas together, and you have 23snaps!

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